What is Healthy San Diego Living?

HealthySanDiegoLiving.com is a companion blog site to SanDiegoHealth.

Whereas San Diego Health focuses mainly on the supplement side of health, we take a looser approach looking at other aspects of healthy living.

This could be anything from health related events, to exercises, recipes and even just more general questions when it comes to supplements.

We cover what SanDiegoHealth.org wants to – but doesn’t fall under their jurisdiction.

How big is Healthy San Diego Living?

At the moment, we’re rather small with only 2 members. Healthy San Diego Living is merely a companion piece to the main website.

We cover the areas that SanDiegoHealth.org doesn’t have the time or scope to cover. They’re too busy focusing on supplements, whereas we want to give the readers a more laid-back experience where you can browse around and discover interesting things in the health world.

That being the case, there’s only two of us at the helm: Dawn Duffy, a seasoned health copywriter and Pablo Garduno, the head of SanDiegoHealth.org.

Both give the other input over content ideas on either site and work together as a team. However, Dawn does all the writing here and Pablo does the majority of the writing over there.

Who is Healthy San Diego Living?

Dawn Duffy

Dawn Duffy

Dawn Duffy: Copywriter
email: [email protected]

Dawn is the head of content at Healthy San Diego Living and works tirelessly to deliver.

When she’s not working for HealthySanDiegoLiving.com, she’s helping Pablo Garduno over at SanDiegoHealth.org.

She has taken a keen interest in nootropics and is currently experimenting with making a stack of her own.

Dawn enjoys finding a nootropic stack which goes well with coffee, tennis and researching all things health to get the scoop on the most interesting articles for our readers.

Pablo Garduno

Pablo Garduno

Pablo Garduno: Head of Content @ SanDiegoHealth.org
email: [email protected]

We’ve mentioned this already, but Pablo Garduno is actually the head of content over at SanDiegoHealth.org.

He’s constantly preparing reviews, best of pages, and informative articles that go deep within the world of supplements.

Pablo is a nootropics fantatic, an MCT oil junkie, and generally a stack-obsessed supplement guru.

When he’s not producing content for the main site, he gives Dawn a hand over here to share his insights, experiences and expertise.

What we hope to accomplish with Healthy San Diego Living

Healthy San Diego Living is a supporting site to SanDiegoHealth.org. We hope that this site helps to cover all the areas that the main site can’t.

By doing this we hope to reward our readers with more than just supplement information. You can learn other ways to keep healthy as well as events, recipes, exercises and more to give you all the information you need to find good events near you as well as new perspective on diets and workouts.

If you have any questions, or content you would like to see on this site, fill out the form on our contact page.


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