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Healthy San Diego Living is a site headed by’s Dawn Duffy. is a supporting blog to cover topics of interest that are useful – but not as relevant to the content that is featured on the main site.

It’s pieces that we felt really needed writing, but didn’t fall into the ethos of San Diego Health.

What can you expect from Healthy San Diego Living?

Anything to do with healthy living! Whereas the main focus of is supplement information – SDHL takes a more laid-back approach.

We cover topics that we think are interesting that are relevant to healthy living in general.

This can be anything from:

  • Events
  • People
  • Recipes
  • Exercises
  • Guides and FAQs

As we’re still in the early stages, some of this content is still being prepared – but there are plenty of plans in place to get it out there. Stay tuned!

But the underlying theme will always be to do with healthy living.

Let’s explore some of these topics:


There are always health related events happening throughout San Diego, California – and the whole country.

Every now and again, we like to do profiles on these events to help spread the word about the good they’ve done and continue to do in the future.

These are pages that will highlight information about the event, what happened, and where you can learn more about them.


Dawn isn’t the only focus of Healthy San Diego Living! Fantastic people in the world of health sometimes catch our eye and inspire us to put together a profile on them.

Again, this helps spread awareness about the goodness they are doing, and encourages us all to live healthier more disciplined lives.

These could be anything from sporting athletes, celebrities, even scientists. As long as they have done something relevant in the world of health – we’d like to know about them.


Of course! What would a health blog be without good recipe pages?

In Healthy San Diego Living, Dawn explores some of the cleaner recipes out there to help give your diet the tasty boost it needs to keep you satisfied.

This could be anything from a main course meal, to a dessert or healthy snack.


Looking to build some muscle, increase your stamina, or just want to get in better shape? Our exercise content may be just what you’re looking for.

We look at some of the more basic exercises out there to see what can help you burn the calories, while also helping yourself to tone up.

Guides and FAQs

Some of the content on, sometimes draws questions from our readers. These questions are sometimes not relevant enough to be worthy of a post of their own on the main site.

In those cases, Healthy San Diego Living will cover that content and ensure that the question is answered in full.

These are typically very specific questions regarding supplements, which would be out of place in the main articles, and distract away from the main topic as there would be a lot of information to unpack.

What about

If you’re not aware of, it is our sister-site and is the main source of content for our readers. It is run by Pablo Garduno, who is a self-confessed supplement fanatic.

It mainly focuses on supplement news, finding the latest and greatest on the market – along with a few of their own personal reviews of such products.

If you’re a supplement buff looking to improve your stack – you definitely want to be over there. However, if you’re looking for general health and wellness information – you’ll be much more at home here with Dawn Duffy.

Dawn is also a copywriter for, helping out Pablo with her input – but her main content focus is here on Healthy San Diego Living.

Contact Us

If you want to get in contact with us, you can either head over to the contact page on, or use the Contact Page right here on this site.

We look forward to hearing from you.





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